Blowback Chase

Note: This is not a standalone novel. It’s book 2 of the Future Relics Trilogy.

*** Dangerous Fallout ***

Taylor and Jenna flee for their lives after Whitney’s brother, the NASA scientist they brought in to examine their discovery, betrays them. Josh notifies the authorities that the two paleontologists have found a small sixty-six-million-year-old alien ship embedded in rock.

The government is stunned by the revelation, and it immediately declares the discovery and everything connected with it to be a national security issue, including the two paleontologists. To ensure nothing of the discovery leaks out, the authorities order the arrest Taylor and Jenna, along with their friends.

However, the two paleontologists are able to flee before they’re apprehended. They refuse to let the government hide the discovery from the public under a national security blanket, and they’re also determined to locate the second buried ship that crashed on the planet along with the first one.

Book 2 is an action-packed eighty thousand word novel, a suspenseful semi-thriller.