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*** Exposed Genetic Anomalies ***

Olivia Nance failed to stop Maya Bonner from experimenting on herself. That failure resulted in her friend paying the ultimate price while unleashing a major government crisis. She and Adrian Kinder, along with two of their friends, have become fugitives. The US government has classified them as national security threats. Why? Maya’s experiment revealed the location of an abandoned alien site, but Olivia and the others refused to give the FBI access to the site. The fugitives were then forced to flee to a second abandoned alien site.

As Adrian Kinder and his friends hide from the FBI, they’re unsure of their end game. The only thing he and the others agree on is the need to continue the alien project set in motion over a hundred thousand years ago. The aliens had been experimenting on the brains of primitive hominids, intent on creating a better human. The question he and the other fugitives face is can they stay free long enough to complete what the aliens started.

The FBI has determined the second alien site is located in Canada, but it has yet to pinpoint its position. In its determination to go it alone and not to reveal to the world that aliens once visited Earth, the US government is preparing to violate international law and surreptitiously send forces into Canada to acquire the second site. It’s also ruthlessly eliminating the source of any potential leak while simultaneously ratcheting up its effort to capture the fugitives.

This is an action-packed novel, a suspenseful semi-thriller.

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